Personal data and its handling

1. Personal data is data about an individual who can be identified from that data

Data Collector is a person or entity that collects personal data. Holbi is a Data Collector of personal data of our customers. We require to know who we communicate with in order to conduct business with you. Communication can be performed via email, telephone, various messengers, virtual meeting solutions, etc.

Data Processor is a person or entity that processes personal data. Holbi is a Data Processor of personal data of consumers of some of our customers. Holbi doesn’t require your consumer data as such, however may occasionally require to access it in order to run tests of various solutions requested by you.

In case you have your website(s) hosted with Holbi, Holbi automatically holds personal data of your consumers, however still doesn’t access it without your explicit request.

Personal data may include name, address, email address, social profile information. However it will never include credit card data.


2. Your rights to access, edit, and remove Personal data

As customer of Holbi you have the right to request information about which data is held by Holbi about you. To do it, please .

You can always request to have your personal data updated to keep it up to date. Please contact us to do it.

You can ask to have your personal data removed from our systems. Please note this will stop us from being able to conduct business with you, and will result into immediate cancellation of any and all works being performed for you by Holbi, unless you nominate new contact instead of yourself.

As our customers you have full access to the personal data of your consumers. You can access it, edit where necessary, or remove it. Your decision to remove all personal data from our servers will result into cessation of hosting services if such were provided.


3. Personal data storage

Holbi stores personal information to be access by relevant authorised personnel only, and only when required to perform services as per your instructions. Personal information is held for an unlimited amount of time, securely, distributed amongst relevant authorised personnel, as, due to the nature of business, it may be required in the future to contact you in regards to a change in technology, security update, etc. related to your systems developed or provided by Holbi.

In case you host your websites with Holbi, personal data of your customers is stored on secure Holbi servers located in secure data centres. Access to such servers by Holbi personnel is only possible following a request from you to perform certain development or maintenance activities. No data is copied to storage or saved locally in Holbi offices. No data leaves Holbi offices.


4. Security and confidentiality

Physical access to Holbi offices is limited to authorised personnel only.

All computers are password protected. All computers have the latest anti-virus software installed, and operation systems are most up to date at all times.

Networks are protected by intrusion detection and prevention systems, no access to Holbi’s internal networks is possible from the outside without authorization. Network access logs are reviewed daily.

All Holbi personnel has confidentiality clause in their contracts.

We have a very low turnover of staff at Holbi, however when someone leaves our company their accounts get terminated and all relevant passwords are immediately changed.


5. Breaches and notifications

In case our systems get breached, we will immediately notify all parties affected via email, telephone, or other means of communication and inform them on the particulars of the issue and on our intended method to solve it.